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My name is Sylvia Omina Otsieno, founder and Creative Director of Omina Otsieno which is a fashion brand that specializes in Jewellery made from banana fibre. I spent my childhood between Nairobi and Busia where I was born, while in Busia I loved crafting as there were materials always readily available. I created dolls from clay, plaited their hair and crocheted dresses for them from yarn. I picked this up from my mother who used to crochet a lot and my grandparents who weaved traditional handwoven baskets to earn income. This creative expression laid the foundation for the birth of my brand years later. In 2017, I founded the fashion brand Omina Otsieno which originally specialized in clothing and yarn jewellery before we transitioned to banana fibre jewellery officially in 2021. Omina Otsieno is an eco-friendly sustainable fashion brand that specializes in jewellery made from banana fiber.


P.O Box 74377 (00200)



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